At Solway we are committed to reducing our energy consumption and therefore reducing the amount of carbon pollution produced by the school.

Since establishing the Sustainability Committee in 2008, the school was lucky enough to be the recipient of a National Schools Solar Programme (NSSP) grant.  This allowed us to purchase and install 44 PV solar panels (4.1kW system) on the roof of Brewer Hall.


Other activities to help reduce our energy consumption are:

  • De-lamping and re-lamping of the entire school with more energy efficient light globes
  • Installation of motion and light sensored lighting throughout classrooms
  • Use of luxe meters to measure lighting in classrooms
  • Installation of thermometers across all classrooms, to ensure that heating and cooling equipment is only used when needed and monitored through each individual classroom
  • Installation of future switches in all classrooms to enable easy shutdown of equipment during non-use times


Installation of signage produced by the students throughout the school, reminding staff, students and visitors to be conscious of their energy use


Running a walking school bus and participating in regular ‘walk to school’ events throughout the year, with the hope of reducing the number of car trips to and from school