Biodiversity and School Grounds

At Solway we want to create an environmental haven for students, staff, parents and wildlife to enjoy. 

In doing so, we empower students with responsibility, ownership and pride in their school grounds.

Bat and bird boxes painted by our students and put up around the school grounds to encourage local wildlife. 

Kitchen Garden

Our Kitchen Garden is a very special place for students to not only learn about our environment, but also to actively participate in creating a special environment. 


 Some of the Preps enjoying a planting day in the Kitchen Garden.

The students plant, grow and harvest vegetables and have an opportunity to enjoy the ‘fruits of their labour’ in their cooking classes which is always a favourite!

Wildlife Corridor

The school has developed a Wildlife Corridor to increase our indigenous native plantings and to provide a rich habitat for our local wildlife. Students enjoy the digging, planting and mulching during the PlanetArk National Tree Planting Day each year.


Parents busy at one of Solway’s Working Bees helping to prepare the Wildlife Corridor for new plantings.