Camping / Outdoor Education


Our Camping Program is sequential, commencing in Year 1/2 with a Year 2 ‘Sleepover’ at school. This fun-packed evening occurs in Term 4. Year 1 and 2 students return to school at 5pm for a games afternoon and dinner, before the Year 1 students are collected by their parents. Then the Year 2 students have a movie night before settling down for the night in the school.  This is followed by breakfast at school, together in the Brewer Hall.

Our Year 3/4 students participate in a 3 day – 2 night program alternating between an adventure style camp at Arrabri (Warburton) and Camp Jungai (Rubicon) which offers and Indigenous program for students.




Our Year 5/6 students are challenged by a 5 day – 4 night program alternating again, between an adventure style camp at Coonawarra Farm Resort (Cobbannah) and our curriculum based camp at the Old Priory, Beechworth.


We are fortunate at Solway to have many staff who volunteer to attend these programs, making them all valuable, fun and engaging experiences for all.