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Hi we’re Lachie and Rachael and we are the Environment Captains for 2014. This page is dedicated to the environmental and sustainability achievements at our school, Solway. Solway Primary School is a 5-star ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic school. We lead a team of 17 year 5 students who are broken up into 5 teams. The teams are Biodiversity, Water, Energy, Waste and Curriculum. At the start of 2014 each team made an Action Research Plan and made some goals they hope to achieve by the end of this year. Watch this space to see our progress!




Ride2School Award


Every year Solway participates in National Ride2School Day which is organised by the Bicycle Network of Australia. In Term Two Solway won a bike rack because we had a huge number of students ride, walk or scoot to school on that day!


Graham Watt, our local member of parliament, came to assembly to present us with the award but we are still waiting for the bike racks to be delivered. This award is really great news as we only have a few bike racks and as a sustainable school we’d like to encourage as many students to ride as possible. The new bike racks will especially be helpful for future Ride2School days and for 5/6 Bike E.D.


Take a look at the picture below to see how busy our bike parking is these days!!


By Frankie P and Luke K, Solway Energy Environment Team!!





Nude Food Fridays


At the start of Term Three, the Waste team introduced ‘Nude Food Fridays’. On Fridays students are encouraged to bring rubbish free lunches. Some examples of rubbish free lunches are using a container for sandwiches instead of gladwrap, fruit and vegetables and using containers to store food instead of packaging. The Waste Team will come and ask who brought in a nude food lunch for that day. The class that has the most people with nude food lunches gets three leaves on our Nude Food Tree. At the end of the term, the class with the most leaves will receive a free gelato for each student!

Nude Food

The Golden Bin

The Golden Bin is back baby! The Golden Bin is an award that is given to the class that has the least amount of waste in their Landfill bin on Fridays. The class then gets to keep the Golden Bin trophy in their classroom for the week.  ‘Nude Food Fridays’ and the Golden Bin are a nice connection because if you bring nude food in it means that less waste will go into the Landfill and you have a greater chance of winning!

Golden Bin


World Environment Day


On Friday the 5th of June we held a Green Day and raised $365.30. Green Day was organised by the Biodiversity team in the student Environment team. Thank you to everybody who dressed up in green or as an animal and brought a gold coin donation. The money we have raised from Green Day will go towards buying possum boxes and bird and butterfly attracting plants for the wildlife corridor.


WalkorWheel Wednesdays

Every Wednesday in Term Two was WalkorWheel Wednesday. On Wednesdays students were encouraged to walk, ride or scoot to school. At assemblies on Mondays we presented the Golden Shoe award to the class who had the biggest percentage of students who walked or wheeled to school. At the end of the term 5/6Q had the highest percentage of students who walked or wheeled to school! We did this to encourage students to get to school the healthy way and to save the environment from exhaust fumes :)


New Worm Farm!

Last Wednesday we received our new HungryBins worm farm. It is twice as big as our other ones and it will be easier for us to collect the worm wee – which is great for our garden! At the moment there are over 2000 worms in our new worm farm. They are still getting used to their new home so we won’t be feeding them any fruit scraps for two weeks. Remember that only fruit scraps, EXCEPT FOR CITRUS FRUITS LIKE MANDARIN AND ORANGES, go into the fruit scrap bins. 

worm farm


New AquaBubblers

Look out for the new Aquabubblers that have been installed this year around the school. We have one on the back of our library and one at the top of the mini oval. They have been placed here to help keep us hydrated when we are running around on the big oval.

Why is it so important to be using our Aquabubblers rather than buying bottled water?

Using less bottled water may seem like a tiny drop in the ocean in making a difference to our environment, but you may be surprised to know what’s really involved in producing that innocent-looking bottle of water probably sitting on your desk right now:

•Australians spend over half a billion dollars per year buying 582.9 million litres of bottled water (IBISWorld’s Bottled Water Manufacturing in Australia January 2010)

•With just 43% of PET bottles being recycled (Pacia 2008–09 National Plastics Recycling Survey), well over half of all plastic bottles enter landfill or are discarded as rubbish into the environment.

aqua bubbler

•The NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change found that producing one litre of bottled water uses around 200ml of oil.

•The Pacific Institute estimates that the energy needed to produce one bottle of water is the equivalent to filling a bottle with oil up to a quarter of its volume.